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A piece of software called CareUEyes Crack is intended to assist keep your eyes safe when using the computer for extended periods. The CareUEyes software, designed for Windows PCs, helps lessen eye strain and enhance sleep. It’s a straightforward solution that provides several filters, settings, presets, and features to lessen the negative effects of the blue light from your screen. A free trial is also available at CareUEyes.

After completing the CareUEyes License Code download for Windows, you’ll have access to several features intended to lessen vision issues. These features include, among others, the Blue Light Filter, Screen Dimmer, and Break Reminder. While several rivals, such as f.lux, DimScreen, and PangoBright, have comparable functions, none of them is as user-friendly as CareUEyes.

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CareUEyes Crack  Download

A health-focused piece of software called CareUEyes is intended to keep your eyes safe even when you spend hours in front of a computer screen. You can get rid of pain, headaches, dry eyes, eye tiredness, and more with its assistance. Installing the application on your Windows computer, setting up the settings, and using your computer, as usual, are all that is required.

The program makes sure that the screen’s light won’t hurt your eyes. By altering the color temperature, brightness, saturation, and contrast. Users can alter any of these parameters to suit their preferences because they are all customizable. Additionally, the CareUEyes download functions as a break reminder so that you may stop working for a moment and take a breather before starting again.

After completing the CareUEyes download for Windows, you’ll see a straightforward dashboard with 8 eye protection options. All of these choices automatically change the brightness and filter the blue light that emanates from your screen. Any mode’s activation results in a minor yellowing of the screen’s color, which lessens the dangerous blue light.

CareUEyes Crack & License Key 2023

A sunset and dawn function is also included in the app, with varied hues, intensities, and temperatures configurable at various times of the day. Once activated, CareUEyes will change the screen mode based on the time of dawn and sunset. The eye protection software also has a Focus option that lets users modify the transparency and size of the text for those who read a lot on their computers.

Installing CareUEyes on your PC and using it as a break reminder is one of its finest features. The 20-20-20 rule is used by the program to reduce eye fatigue. It serves as a constant reminder to gaze 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. You may also choose how frequently you receive these alerts if you like.

CareUEyes has several advantages, but one of the most notable ones is that it reduces eye strain. When using a computer, you are always in front of blue light. Due to its high energy and short wavelength, this light hurts contrast and sharpness. Oftentimes, this blue light causes eye strain and headaches.

CareUEyes 2.2.3 Crack License Code Free

Both bright and dark displays might hurt your eyes. This is due to the imprecision of hand adjustments. CareUEyes modifies the screen’s brightness such that it is at the same wavelength as the ambient lighting in the space. Additionally, it aids in minimizing pointless flickering. When CareUEyes are fully operational, they can dramatically lessen visual issues and aid with sleep improvement.

One of the most underappreciated tools for eye protection is CareUEyes. It is simple, intuitive, and packed with features. The software was developed to provide users with an easy fix for several issues, including eye strain, visual issues, sleeplessness, and more. Users of CareUEyes for Windows have access to 8 screen-adjusting options that change the dangerous blue light on the screen.

Additionally, it adjusts the computer screen’s brightness so that the lighting in your home or workplace matches the brightness of your desktop. The software also serves as a break reminder to assist you to take a break when your eyes are most in need of it.


Key Features:

  • decrease eye pain.
  • Screen brightness that is either too bright or too dark might irritate the eyes.
  • In about the same proportion as the light around you, CareUEyes automatically adjusts the screen brightness.
  • CareUEyes adjusts the brightness without using PWM to reduce flicker.
  • lessen eyesight issues.

What’s New In?

  • one of the top blue light filters and eye care programs.
  • lowers discomfort in the eyes, prevents eye strain, and enhances sleep.
  • Windows has eight pre-set eye protection settings.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment and blue light filtering.
  • You can avoid eye strain by following the 20-20-20 rule.

System Requirements:

  • Windows: XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster.
  • Memory: 512 MB.
  • Storage: 500 MB.

How To Install/Crack CareUEyes?

  • First, uninstall the older version of the CareUEyes IObit Uninstaller Pro.
  • Next, download the CareUEyes Crack Latest Version using IDM.
  • Disable Windows defender.
  • Next, use WinRAR Crack to unzip the downloaded file.
  • Do not install the program.
  • Copy-paste now the crack file into your download folder.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Boom 💥 enjoy the software 😎.


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